Read, Write, Art

We believe in preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in everything.

By writting books, sharing sharing the very diverse ways in which God speaks to people.

Prophetic Revelations.

Activate Your Prophetic Gifts!

"Prophetic Revelations" is your guide to understanding and using the prophetic voice in your Christian life. Available on Kobo, AppleBooks & more


Unlock the Secrets of the Wisest King: Read "Solomon's Wisdom" Now!

Delve into the timeless insights of Solomon, one of history's most renowned figures.  This new book explores his thoughts and scriptures, offering guidance for a fulfilling life.  Available on major platforms!

The courts of Heaven

Demystifying the Courts of Heaven: Biblical Truth Revealed

Our new book dives deep into the concept of the Courts of Heaven, separating fact from fiction. Gain clarity on this powerful teaching. Get yours today!

Everything Biblical.

Puzzle Book vol1.
These Puzzle books are aimed at enhancing your general knowledge about the Bible while having fun. This amazing tool is suitable for small groups or family fun time.

The range is growing and Vol 2 will be released soon, keep an eye out for the new book.
Until then you can order your copy by sending us an email.

Christian Art

These amazing paintings all have a Bio and a Prophetic side to them. which make them unique and one of a kind.


Holy Spirit inspired Paintings done by Elize Barnard (venter).
These beauties are for sale, they are one of a kind and exclusively available. contact us via the link below

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Prophetic Ministry and Training.

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